Over 220 schools in the second edition of the "Sanitary pads at school for every girl" programme


The programme will run throughout the school year, starting in September 2022.

In total, we received 502 applications for the programme. 224 schools qualified. The order of applications within a given voivodship and the type of school (primary school, secondary school) decided about joining the programme.

Institutions participating in the program will be provided with:

participation in a nationwide social programme on a large scale,

year-round supply of sanitary pads for all students,

access to educational materials on puberty and menstruation,

volunteering for selected students.

With the distribution of hygiene products, knowledge about menstrual health and hygiene related to menstruation will be spread. Teachers will also receive special educational materials on the basis of which they will be able to conduct classes in the field of puberty and menstruation during parenting hours or other lessons.

In addition, in each school participating in the programme, students will be given the opportunity to do volunteer work, which involves, among others, promoting knowledge about menstruation among her colleagues.

Thank you very much to all schools that sent in their applications. Congratulations to the institutions that will be covered by the programme.


Almost 1,000 women and children at workshops at our "Hi Girls!" Centre

Nearly 1,000 people took part in the workshops organised by the Help Centre for Women from Ukraine called "Hi Girls!". They included Polish language courses, integration, information, and support meetings. Some of the meetings are co-organised with the Ukrainian House.

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We financed summer camps for children from Ukraine in Marki near Warsaw

The "Ukrainian Summer in Warsaw", that is summer camps for children from Ukraine, has ended. They were organised by the Educational Center Children of Ukraine Foundation. The Foundation provides education to children who were forced to leave their homeland due to the war. The camps were financed by the "Hi Girls!" Grant Programme.

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Recruitment for the 7th edition of the Yellow Plate program has ended. It is the largest non-governmental child nutrition support system

The Kulczyk Foundation was recruiting for the 7th edition of the Yellow Plate program. The Yellow Plate is the largest non-governmental child nutrition support system in Poland. which also promotes gender equality in the kitchen. The 7th edition of the program will start on September 1, 2022, and last until August 31, 2023. Recruitment ended on August 19.

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