50 articles, lots of emotions and even more fun. Thank you for participating in the #stayhome #timeforrelationships initiative.

Do you want to make friends with anger, get to know empathy or look joy in the eye? We asked this in the first article in the #stayhome #timeforrelationships series, which was created in cooperation with the Kulczyk Foundation.


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Freedom at home, freedom in life. How to take care of it every day?

“Freedom I love and understand” is a lyric of a Polish song. The ‘I’ is important here, meaning that each of us can perceive freedom differently. What is freedom to you?


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My body, my freedom. Why you should like and respect it?

We look in the mirror with curiosity, satisfaction, pride, reluctance, and, unfortunately, with fear at ourselves. Are we aware of how our approach to our own body influences how our children perceive theirs? What do we feel when we hear six-year-olds already complaining about their looks?


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My point against yours, i.e. the difficult art of using arguments

We like to be right. What’s more, we like it when others agree with us. There is great satisfaction when we manage to win somebody over. But it’s a difficult art.

If you think that it’s enough to just outshout others or make beautiful speeches to convince people, in most cases you’ll be mistaken. 


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