Girls and computers. Programming as an important competence of the 21st century

Professions requiring digital competences are still stereotypically perceived as typically male. Additional computer classes are less often of interest to girls than to boys. Girls are also less likely than boys to think about a professional career in this area. Why is that so?

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Education helps to spread one’s wings and make dreams come true
Dominika Kulczyk

Do toys, clothes, and jobs have genders? Reflections of a kindergarten teacher

Despite the fact that I grew up in a culture of sexism, and by assumption I have it imprinted on my brain that, for girls, appearance matters and that girls do not do many things (get dirty while playing, climb trees, practice karate), at the same time I imagine that in an ideal kindergarten there is a place to develop the potential of each child, without stigmatising.

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International Day of the Girl Child – join us, let’s work together!

We invite you to participate in this year’s International Day of the Girl Child, which is held on October 11 (Monday). We encourage you to organise the celebration of this holiday and to take up topics related to equal gender dignity throughout the coming week or even year.

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How to Raise Girls

As a mother of little girls, I felt that I was expected to discipline and silence my daughters. No way

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Be Happier Than Me, Little Daughter

On October 11, we are celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child

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