Stereotypes. A mini guide for the conscious user

Where do stereotypes come from? This is a side effect of our mind's “shortcuts” and using heuristics instead of logical rules in our thinking. Stereotypes interfere with the adequate perception  of oneself and others, but they can be minimised by noticing their automatic appearance. 

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Education helps to spread one’s wings and make dreams come true
Dominika Kulczyk

Why is gender equality a key issue for girls’ development?

Positive self-esteem of girls grows and reaches its peak around the age of 9. However, after the age of 10, it begins to decline. Whoever we are – we can support girls in their development, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.

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If you want a good future for your daughter, don’t keep her from playing with toy cars

I know that online magazines publish various gift guides on what will make an excellent birthday present for a boy and a girl, but it’s absurd. Gender has no significance whatsoever. After all, it does not determine what we play with.

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At first sight

A manager interviews a woman for a job and consciously decides, “OK. She’s a woman, so she must be dumb. I will propose lower salary then”. That’s not how discrimination works.

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Period Poverty: what is it and how to fight it? A global report

Research on period poverty reveals that it has been neglected for decades – there is a lack of necessary data on the most effective way to support women and girls suffering from it.

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