Education helps to spread one’s wings and make dreams come true
Dominika Kulczyk

Domino Effect. Materials for educators

46,000 copies of our educational materials published in 2018 were distributed among teachers who used them to conduct lessons for children and youth in Poland. Topics covered in the lesson plans relate to universal values ​​that are close to the hearts of people around the world.

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Poland joins the global #MyFreedomDay campaign

Young people from around the world took part in the #MyFreedomDay campaign. The goal of the yearly campaign is to raise awareness about modern-day slavery. In cooperation with the Kulczyk Foundation, the American CNN station carried out a global broadcast of the campaign run in Poland for the first time.

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How can personal pain help us to start a social change?

- “Social change is not made on the basis of numbers. It is launched by going out to people, trying to understand how they live and how they make certain decisions,” said Catalina Escobar, founder of the Juanfe Foundation, Colombia, who delivered a lecture at the 3rd Expert Forum "Hate! How to teach empathy in a time of hatred", organized by Kulczyk Foundation.

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We are building a vocational school in Malawi

A school named after Dr. Jan Kulczyk is being built in the East African state of Malawi. The institution will have the character of a vocational school and will provide local youth with the opportunity to get practical education and skills required to perform the tasks of particular jobs.

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