How can personal pain help us to start a social change?

After her son's death, Catalina Escobar became involved in helping other people. She was looking for solutions to problems that have been plaguing Colombia and Latin America for years. According to statistics, 29% of women giving birth to children in Colombia in 2010 were teenagers, and 35% of the girls who were helped by Catalina's Juanfe Foundation experienced violence and rape. The President of the Foundation emphasizes the importance of school in improving the situation of women. – “Educators know that the presence of girls at school is the best investment for all societies. In Colombia and Latin America, the problem is that the poverty model is being replicated. Because when she gets pregnant, she leaves school and doesn't go back to her," says Catalina. “It's not just about thinking, about dreaming, it's about action. Regardless of what social changes we think about, don't plan so much, don't say any more words! The world needs the action!” she adds.

More on the history of Colombian women can be seen in Dominika Kulczyk's documentary, "Born as a Girl", which has been awarded at international festivals.