A challenge for today… prepare a meal together! Joy, strength and well-being guaranteed

Family time
How to ensure your children have a balanced diet? (Kulczyk Foundation)
How to ensure your children have a balanced diet? (Kulczyk Foundation)

Studies show that eating together is very important in terms of parenting and that it yields benefits even for school achievements. At the table, we not only exchange information, but we give ourselves a chance for a deep, real conversation. Plan at least one meal together during the day, and if it’s impossible, a Sunday dinner. During this time put away the phones and turn off the TV. These rules should apply to everyone without any exceptions.  

For a good start: porridge or a sandwich   

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is the first meal eaten after a long night break and before the start of an active day. A balanced breakfast improves memory, concentration and learning efficiency. So, let’s make sure we don’t omit it. What do people around the world eat for breakfast? Search it up together. Then prepare together the tastiest and healthiest breakfast. 

Mum! What’s for lunch?  

Most of the children raised in our culture, even very young ones, are deeply convinced that mums cook dinners and dads fix broken taps. Where does it come from? Many different sources, primarily observation. 

Cooking together can be even more interesting than eating together. Invite the whole family to plan a family menu. What dishes do you like? What do you like best? What would you like to try? Share this information and then define and divide your tasks. Someone does the shopping, someone else peels the potatoes for the casserole and someone else can make the sauce. This is a beautiful example of teamwork! After all, you play in one team, each of you wants to satisfy your hunger. Play with the flavours, experiment! Maybe next time the child will ask: “Mum, what should I cook?”

And when you’re thirsty  

Each person needs a slightly different amount of water depending on their age, physical activity, ambient temperature and humidity. Thirst is always best quenched by water. It can also be a source of electrolytes, especially in the case of mineral water. We can make it taste better. Flavoured water? A piece of cake! Take a look at what drinks you have at home and who drinks them. Make sure everyone is hydrated.


The article was prepared on the basis of educational materials published within the framework of Żółty Talerz (Yellow Plate) programme.


All source materials are prepared by the team of Kulczyk Foundation’s Education Department in cooperation with teachers and experts – pedagogists, psychologists and cultural experts – and verified by an experienced family therapist Kamila Becker. Kinga Kuszak, PhD, Professor of Adam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Educational Studies, provides content-related supervision over Kulczyk Foundation’s educational materials. All materials are covered by the content patronage of the Faculty of Educational Studies of Adam Mickiewicz University.

The article was published on 24.04.2020 on the website of Instytut Dobrego Życia (Good Life Institute)

Authors: Marta Tomaszewska (Kulczyk Foundation) and Anna Woźniak (Instytut Dobrego Życia)