Access to complete menstrual health and hygiene is a basic human right. Without it, women and girls cannot pursue full lives with dignity and confidence. It is deeply unfair that girls in all parts of the world miss out on better education and opportunities because they were too poor to have a period. We have neglected this issue for too long.

What’s clear, is the need to unite the international community on global standards for reducing period poverty, and better fund those programmes that deliver the highest impact for women and girls who every month have to choose between a meal or a sanitary pad.

I invite the international community to join me and work together to end period poverty.

Dominika Kulczyk, President of the Kulczyk Foundation

Good Body. Women are still ashamed of their bellies, unshaven legs and the fact that they have no erotic life ‘You’re too fat’, ‘How do you walk?’, ‘Pull your belly in’. It’s a voice from years ago, we all have it in our heads

‘I hear a lot of apologising for unshaven legs, armpits, bikinis, but also explaining, for example, the lack of an erotic life’. A conversation with Kamila Raczynska-Chomyn*, menstrual and sexuality educator, doula and massage therapist, and author of the 2022 ‘Good Body’ calendar.

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‘Bringing receipts for sanitary pads, explaining buying tampons – that’s also violence’

‘I know of cases of women who not only had to ask for money for sanitary pads, but often had access to them conditioned on them having sex with their partner’. Interview with Joanna Piotrowska from the Feminoteka Foundation

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Blood is a secret

Three words caught Michał’s attention – “bloody vaginal discharge”. He read that all women have it. He went to ask the neighbour next door about it

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Menstruation is okay!

Most Netflix shows that teenagers watch have blood in them. On the screen it is exciting and boosts entertainment. And suddenly there is menstrual blood that is dirty that needs to be hidden, ideally it should even be blue. It is incredible that the blood of violence is more “sexy” than the one that gives life.

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Feminisation of poverty. In Poland, poverty has the face of a woman. It is often a girl’s face.

There is a category in unemployment statistics: “long-term unemployed” and it includes people unemployed for a year and for several years. While researching this problem several years ago for a project on the feminisation of poverty in Lodz, I discovered that 52 years of age is the limit of employment for a woman. Interview with Izabela Desperak, PhD, sociologist

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