Access to complete menstrual health and hygiene is a basic human right. Without it, women and girls cannot pursue full lives with dignity and confidence. It is deeply unfair that girls in all parts of the world miss out on better education and opportunities because they were too poor to have a period. We have neglected this issue for too long.

What’s clear, is the need to unite the international community on global standards for reducing period poverty, and better fund those programmes that deliver the highest impact for women and girls who every month have to choose between a meal or a sanitary pad.

I invite the international community to join me and work together to end period poverty.

Dominika Kulczyk, President of the Kulczyk Foundation

‘The red Mercedes has arrived’ : On the change in the Polish discourse on menstruation

Strongly emotional, often negative, and sometimes even vulgar. On the language used in the context of menstruation.

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Taboo, stigma and superstition: menstruation in 21st century Poland

Shame, humiliation, superstitious beliefs and limited access to sanitary pads. New research shines a light on the reality of menstruation in modern Poland.

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Taboo, stigma and superstition: A report on menstruation in Poland

Menstruation is still a taboo. 40% of women make sure that nobody sees them going to the toilet with a sanitary napkin or tampon. Every third one of us makes sure that nobody knows we are on our period, and 14% of women are afraid that a friend will see that they are buying sanitary napkins.

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