Dominika Kulczyk commits millions for COVID-19 response in Poland

Dominika Kulczyk, a Polish philanthropist, journalist, and entrepreneur, has today announced a PLN 20 million commitment (approx $5m) in support of Polish doctors and health workers working in response to the global public health emergency.


World-renowned digital artist Uğur Gallenkuş displays collages in mural series for Polish cities highlighting global inequality

Acclaimed Turkish digital artist Uğur Gallenkuş has partnered with the Kulczyk Foundation for seven murals that highlight global inequalities and injustice. The murals will be seen in five Polish cities, promoting the latest season of the Kulczyk Foundation’s documentary series ‘The Domino Effect’.


Dominika Kulczyk examines child slavery in Senegal for third film in CNN Freedom Project and Kulczyk Foundation documentary series

Forced begging is the most prevalent form of human trafficking in Senegal. Human Rights Watch estimates that every day more than 100,000 talibés – children living in religious schools to learn the Quran – are forced on to the streets under the threat of violence to beg for food or money. 


New mental health support for women and children living in Cox’s Bazar District as a result of Kulczyk Foundation and HOPE Foundation partnership

The Kulczyk Foundation has today announced a new project in partnership with the HOPE Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh. The project will improve access to mental health and psychological support services (MHPSS) for those living in the region, with a particular focus on women and children living in Bangladesh including the country’s significant Rohingya community.