The 3rd edition of the ‘Zdrowo nakręceni’ competition has started!

The most creative directors... children are preparing for the third time competition films about cooking, healthy eating and equality in the kitchen. There is plenty to compete for, as this year's edition of the competition addressed to the institutions included in the Kulczyk Foundation's Żółty Talerz project has a total prize pool of PLN 45,000. The winning establishments will be able to use the funds to renovate or purchase equipment necessary for their workshop spaces. 


Greetings to wonderful women!

On Women's Day, we would like to express our warmest wishes to all the extraordinary women we work with.


MALTA Festival with the highest-rank ZASP Award

Malta Festival has won with the highest-rank Award of the Association of Polish Stage Artists (ZASP) - GUSTAW for 2023. The distinction is special not only because of its rank, but also because for the first time in the history of the Award it did not go to a particular artist, but a cultural undertaking has been appreciated.


The first winners of the Portraits of Sisterhood Award

The mayor of Hrubieszów - Marta Majewska, Halina Andruszków, and Wiktoria Batryn from the Uniters Foundation were honored with the award of the Sestry portal supported by the Kulczyk Foundation. – This is an award for Polish and Ukrainian women who show good triumphs and that the bonds of sisterhood are stronger than war – says Dominika Kulczyk, member of the Portraits of Sisterhood chapter, and president of the Kulczyk Foundation.