The first Polish bill on menstruation will be drafted. It will be prepared by the Periodic Coalition

The topic of menstruation appeared for the first time in the Polish Senate. The Senate Team "Health of Poles" debated on menstrual health. One of the conclusions of the debate is the plan to prepare the first Polish bill on menstruation. It is to be developed by the Periodic Coalition


Recruitment for the "Pads at school for every girl" program is starting

In September 2022, the second edition of the Kulczyk Foundation and Rossmann joint program "Pads at school for every girl" starts. This time it will cover over 200 schools from different regions of Poland, and students from these schools will have free access to sanitary products throughout the school year 2022/2023.


The Kulczyk Foundation and the Polenergia Group at the 25th Science Picnic of the Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Center

The Polenergia Group and the Kulczyk Foundation launched the educational project Graj z nami w zielone!® (Play green with us!). The initiative to promote sustainable development is aimed at teachers, parents and guardians of children. It will also be possible to “play green” at the 25th Science Picnic of the Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Center. Polenergia and Kulczyk Foundation educators will be present in the Discovery Park from 11:00 am.


Gender equality at work. What problems do women face? - Statistica of Wirtualna Polska

Workplaces are not suited to the needs of women on many levels. 29% of British women admitted that their protective workwear was not designed for use by women, especially pregnant women. Spanish policewomen organized an action which showed that their bulletproof vests do not ensure their safety during the service, because they do not fit women's shapes.