We are all going through the tough, but incredible time. Many of us feel fear, but at the same time we hope for a change. Let’s take a closer look at family relationships in order to create the world with new energy after the pandemic ends. Before we open a new chapter, let’s organize the things that have been following us, that every one of us has a bigger or smaller problem with – our family relationships, share of duties and the roles we have. Let’s prepare tenderly ourselves, our partner and family for the new world that is about to knock on our door.

“Tenderness and freedom. Let's build balanced relationships" is a campaign run by Kulczyk Foundation along with “Wysokie Obcasy” and “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

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Menstruation is a miracle of life

During menstruation, the body demands peace and relaxation

During menstruation, the uterus should empty itself, the blood must have a free outlet, and some forms of exercise can make this difficult.

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When a boy hears that he should not cry, he feels that he has not lived up to his parents' expectations

It is not worth believing in stereotypes that a boy can handle anything and be macho. We shouldn't make him out to be a superhero. Instead of worrying that he is not brave or too shy, for example, it is better to see the qualities that are unique to him.

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Let's talk

If ex-partners suddenly become best friends, I wonder if they really broke up.

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When a woman is guided by a masculine, violent vision of success, she keeps scoring own goals

In many women, the voice of the patriarchy continues unabated. Despite their feminist views, they experience many dilemmas, feelings of guilt and the need for control around their body and sexuality.

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Try to live an ordinary life

The need for the extraordinary ends with hyper-individualism and an escape from community life.

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