We are all going through the tough, but incredible time. Many of us feel fear, but at the same time we hope for a change. Let’s take a closer look at family relationships in order to create the world with new energy after the pandemic ends. Before we open a new chapter, let’s organize the things that have been following us, that every one of us has a bigger or smaller problem with – our family relationships, share of duties and the roles we have. Let’s prepare tenderly ourselves, our partner and family for the new world that is about to knock on our door.

“Tenderness and freedom. Let's build balanced relationships" is a campaign run by Kulczyk Foundation along with “Wysokie Obcasy” and “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

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Menstruation is a miracle of life

A difficult topic: gratitude. ‘Harsh experiences may be a barrier to showing it’

There’s a certain cult of gratitude in some families. For tea, for sandwich, for anything.

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To tame solitude. Why it’s sometimes good to be alone and feel good about it

I’ve gone on vacation alone several times. When I would tell friends about my plans, most of them looked at me with concern. ‘But why? You don’t have anyone to go with? What are you going to do there all by yourself?’. Some would say briskly, ‘Great! That’s brave’. Then, they would add in a lower voice, ‘You sure?’.

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The first female basketball official: Fans treated me like a mascot. They shouted: ‘Women belong in the kitchen!’.

‘The best moment was when I was first handed the whistle and told to referee a sparring match. That was it’. Interview with Karina Kamińska*, the first ever female basketball official in the top Polish men’s league

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No one has ever asked my husband how he reconciles his work and three children. Or whether he’s taking time off for his sick daughter

The independent mothers I know say they hear even more. Some people make jokes: ‘So, have you bought yourself a dress with the alimony?’.

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I wish my sons would call me ‘mum’, but they can’t. Maybe they still remember me as a tough guy?

Małgorzata spent 50 years living as a man, even though she had long known she wasn’t one. When she told her family: ‘I’m a woman, I’m changing, I’m going to have surgery’, it was a shock to her sons. Mateusz was afraid of what his life would be like with ‘a father like that’.

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