We are all going through the tough, but incredible time. Many of us feel fear, but at the same time we hope for a change. Let’s take a closer look at family relationships in order to create the world with new energy after the pandemic ends. Before we open a new chapter, let’s organize the things that have been following us, that every one of us has a bigger or smaller problem with – our family relationships, share of duties and the roles we have. Let’s prepare tenderly ourselves, our partner and family for the new world that is about to knock on our door.

“Tenderness and freedom. Let's build balanced relationships" is a campaign run by Kulczyk Foundation along with “Wysokie Obcasy” and “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

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Menstruation is a miracle of life

Hypnobirthing. ‘I felt like the most beautiful goddess and the strongest warrior’

‘I became interested in hypnobirthing because I wanted to somehow manage the pain that everyone was telling me about, and I felt that birthing school wasn’t enough for me. It worked, after giving birth I felt like the most beautiful goddess and the strongest warrior’. Interview with Beata Meinguer-Jedlińska*, perinatal coach and initiator of the Blue Childbirth idea

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Let yourself go and celebrate the New Year. Others annoy us less when we are forgiving to ourselves

A stable self-esteem provides us with peace of mind, it protects us from a multitude of ruminative thoughts: about what someone else thought of us, whether we did everything right, and from sad beliefs that we are good for nothing

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Parents say that they don’t want to get angry at their child and that it definitely won’t happen again. And in the morning it’s the same

‘Making changes in your own life is not just about dealing with the past, but also about learning new skills and behaviours’. Interview with Agnieszka Stein and Małgorzata Stańczyk, authors of the book ‘Zbudujmy sobie wioskę’ [Let’s Build a Village].

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In France, fortune-tellers are consulted by stock market investors, lawyers, and TGV engineers. And presidents

Model, porn actress, astrologer. It was with her that the French president consulted on decisions

One in three French people look to the sky for information about the future.

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This is the blood that hospitals don’t like

Why isn’t there a reimbursement for sanitary pads for female hospital patients? Once again we come to a situation where a woman has to manage somehow. Interview with psychologist Katarzyna Bieńkowska* and psychiatrist Sebastian Koterwa

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