Dr Jan Kulczyk Award presented once again


The award named after Dr Jan Kulczyk, one of the founders of the PBR, is given in the category of Success, for implementing a spectacular business project that has had a lasting impact on the Polish market. This year, the winner was Marta Półtorak who is active in many areas. Her company, Marma Polskie Folie sp. z o.o., is one of the largest plastics processors in Europe, specialising in products for the agriculture, horticulture, construction, and packaging industries. The uniqueness of the company is proven by its extremely wide range of products and the emphasis placed on innovation, achieved, among other things, through collaboration with the world of science, including the Rzeszów University of Technology.

Presenting the award to its winner at a gala held on 29 May, Dominika Kulczyk praised Ms Półtorak’s achievements and reminded the audience of the role of Polish business in the civilisational development of our country.

‘We can be proud of the fact that we have risen from the post-communist ashes like a phoenix to become the sixth largest economy in the European Union. That before the pandemic, our country was surpassed only by China in terms of GDP growth. That Rzeszów, where Marta is from, is the most important transit point for NATO aid to Ukraine’, she stressed. As the president of the Kulczyk Foundation noted, Marta Półtorak's achievements are perfectly in the tradition of people with passion and vision for the future, people such as Dr Jan Kulczyk and other PBR founders.

This year’s recipient of the Dr Jan Kulczyk Award is not only an excellent manager but also a patron of culture and a woman who boldly entered the world of a sport associated mainly with men, namely speedway racing, becoming the president of Speedway Stal Rzeszów. She has also made contributions in the field of philanthropy. These include supporting the refugee children from Ukraine, victims of the Nepal earthquake, haematology in Rzeszów, and the Beautiful Book Festival [Festiwal Pięknej Książki].

In conclusion, Dominika Kulczyk observed of Marta Półtorak, ‘She and her achievements are further proof of the success of Polish business. Proof of how justified was the faith with which the Polish Business Roundtable was founded more than 30 years ago.’

Fot. Olga Rainka



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