Getting closer to the Christmas


The shows were held in the spirit of the legendary rules accompanying the history of gingerbread baking. At the beginning of the classes, the children took an oath to join the Bakers' Guild, then they learned about the ingredients of traditional gingerbread dough and the recipe for its preparation. Under the supervision of the Gingerbread Master and the Spice Witch, workshop participants prepared and decorated gingerbread on their own.

Gingerbread baking workshops had an educational dimension, they were conducted in the spirit of integrating fun, which introduced the children to the atmosphere of the upcoming holidays. The participants of the classes learned how gingerbread is made, where its name comes from, where the spices used to bake gingerbread come from, and what the old confectionery craft looked like.

It was a particularly magical time full of children's joy, smell of a Christmas tree and gingerbread. As always, the smile and joy of our pupils is the most important thing for us. We would like to thank all institutions for their participation in the classes.


100th anniversary of awarding an honorary doctorate to Maria Skłodowska-Curie

At the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of awarding the honorary doctorate to Maria Skłodowska-Curie was held. The diploma went to the granddaughter of the Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Helene Langevin-Joliot. On behalf of the Kulczyk Foundation, we sent our congratulations and flowers. There was also a moment to talk about plans to renovate Maria's house near Paris.

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The Periodic Coalition was formed to fight menstrual exclusion. Yes, in Poland.

Today, on March 8, 2021, the largest organisations working to fight menstrual exclusion have joined forces and established the Periodic Coalition. The Periodic Coalition includes Akcja Menstruacja, Szajn Magazine, Fundacja One Day, Fundacja Ja, Nauczyciel, Fundacja Pokonać Endometriozę, Grupa Ponton, Kulczyk Foundation, Moonka, Natalia Miłuńska mesią, Pani Miesiączka, Polish Red Cross, Różowa Skrzyneczka, and "Pogotowie Społeczne” Association. “Ignoring the topic of menstruation makes our BLOOD BOIL! Let's change it together!" – they wrote in the manifesto they presented at the press conference in Warsaw, announcing the next 12 months as the Year of Menstruation.

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Domino Effect: Free, despite all

The tragedy of immigrant women forced into prostitution in Italy, the suffering of African victims of female genital mutilation, the humiliation and missed op-portunities of girls suffering from period poverty, or the everyday life of wom-en from Bosnia and Herzegovina who still suffer from the trauma of war – these are the most important problems that Dominika Kulczyk addresses in the new, eighth season of the documentary series "The Domino Effect". For the first time, the program is devoted entirely to women and the strength with which they face difficulties resulting from patriarchal culture, traditions, and a difficult economic and political situation. All of the very personal stories of women's strength, courage and their disagreement with exclusion prove that women are "free, despite all."

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