Getting closer to the Christmas


The shows were held in the spirit of the legendary rules accompanying the history of gingerbread baking. At the beginning of the classes, the children took an oath to join the Bakers' Guild, then they learned about the ingredients of traditional gingerbread dough and the recipe for its preparation. Under the supervision of the Gingerbread Master and the Spice Witch, workshop participants prepared and decorated gingerbread on their own.

Gingerbread baking workshops had an educational dimension, they were conducted in the spirit of integrating fun, which introduced the children to the atmosphere of the upcoming holidays. The participants of the classes learned how gingerbread is made, where its name comes from, where the spices used to bake gingerbread come from, and what the old confectionery craft looked like.

It was a particularly magical time full of children's joy, smell of a Christmas tree and gingerbread. As always, the smile and joy of our pupils is the most important thing for us. We would like to thank all institutions for their participation in the classes.


Greetings to wonderful women!

On Women's Day, we would like to express our warmest wishes to all the extraordinary women we work with.

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Open Talk About Menopause in the Kulczyk Foundation’s Report

Although 70% of Polish women consider menopause an important time in a woman’s life, as many as 93% of respondents are unable to define it correctly, according to a report commissioned by the Kulczyk Foundation and presented on 2 September by Dominika Kulczyk at the Congress of Women in Poznań. The study is the first of its kind in Poland.

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Apocalyptic times from a woman’s perspective. Kulczyk Foundation supports remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising

Heroic resistance against the German invader, but also the nightmare of everyday life during the war, are the experiences of women portrayed in the exhibition titled ‘Podróż bohaterek’ [‘The Journey of Heroines’] whose opening will take place on August 2 at the Warsaw Rising Museum. The exhibition is partnered by the Kulczyk Foundation.

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