Only three weeks left to enter the contest


The contest is open to non-governmental organizations, social enterprises, cultural institutions, and local councils. In the first edition of the year (this one is the second), four organizations received grants of PLN 25 000: ‘Cukierkowo’ – Fundacja dla Dzieci i Młodzieży z Cukrzycą (Cukierkowo – the Foundation for Diabetic Children and Youth) in Warsaw (for the project ‘Cukierkowo – a kindergarten for diabetic children’), Fundacja Innowacji Społecznej z Gdańska (the Foundation of Social Innovation) in Gdańsk (for the project ‘Canteen – a job for starters’), Międzynarodowa Organizacja Soroptimist International I Klub (the Soroptimist International I Club) in Gdańsk (for the project ‘A recreation and education room for children of mothers incarcerated at the Grudziądz penitentiary’) and Fundacja Rozwoju Inicjatyw Lokalnych Qdowa (the Local Initiative Development Foundation Qdowa) in Kudowa Zdrój (for the project ‘Through science to development – support for educational activity in the rural regions of Burundi’).

“Here at the Foundation, we believe that infrastructure guarantees that the machine of social change will begin to move,” explains Marta Schmude-Olczak. Kulczyk Foundation dedicate a total of PLN 100,000 for this purpose in the campaign’s second edition this year. Individual projects are eligible to receive a maximum amount of PLN 25,000, which means that there will be at least four winners of this edition of the grant contest revealed soon.

There are two editions of Kulczyk Foundation’s Grant Contest every calendar year. The winners of this year’s second edition will be announced on 15 February 2017.


The Periodic Coalition was formed to fight menstrual exclusion. Yes, in Poland.

Today, on March 8, 2021, the largest organisations working to fight menstrual exclusion have joined forces and established the Periodic Coalition. The Periodic Coalition includes Akcja Menstruacja, Szajn Magazine, Fundacja One Day, Fundacja Ja, Nauczyciel, Fundacja Pokonać Endometriozę, Grupa Ponton, Kulczyk Foundation, Moonka, Natalia Miłuńska mesią, Pani Miesiączka, Polish Red Cross, Różowa Skrzyneczka, and "Pogotowie Społeczne” Association. “Ignoring the topic of menstruation makes our BLOOD BOIL! Let's change it together!" – they wrote in the manifesto they presented at the press conference in Warsaw, announcing the next 12 months as the Year of Menstruation.

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Domino Effect: Free, despite all

The tragedy of immigrant women forced into prostitution in Italy, the suffering of African victims of female genital mutilation, the humiliation and missed op-portunities of girls suffering from period poverty, or the everyday life of wom-en from Bosnia and Herzegovina who still suffer from the trauma of war – these are the most important problems that Dominika Kulczyk addresses in the new, eighth season of the documentary series "The Domino Effect". For the first time, the program is devoted entirely to women and the strength with which they face difficulties resulting from patriarchal culture, traditions, and a difficult economic and political situation. All of the very personal stories of women's strength, courage and their disagreement with exclusion prove that women are "free, despite all."

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‘Żółty Talerz (Yellow Plate)’

“I really want the situation of Polish children to get better,” said the head of Kulczyk Foundation, Dominika Kulczyk, on Thursday afternoon. Together with her brother, Sebastian Kulczyk, she presented her latest social project, which was co-prepared with the five biggest Polish children’s aid organizations.

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