We are launching the first TV menstruation campaign. It is an appeal to politicians to pass a law on free pads at every school

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  • We are launching the first TV menstruation campaign. It is an appeal to politicians to pass a law on free pads at every school

The most important element of the campaign is the awareness spot that debuts this morning on Polsat, TVN and TVP channels as well as dozens of thematic channels. The film will also appear on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok and YouTube. The spot tells the story of girls and women who are brought together by school and the topic of menstruation.

The film addresses the problem of no access to menstrual hygiene products that the schoolgirls throughout Poland face every day. One of the roles in the spot – narrated by Magdalena Cielecka – was played by Marianna Zydek. You can watch the full, uncensored version of the film at yestopads.com.

– It is the first such a large-scale social campaign on menstruation. We hope for a permanent change of period awareness, but our most important mission is to introduce free pads at all Polish schools. We have great determination and one goal - to take care of the health and women's rights of all teenage girls in Poland – says Dominika Kulczyk, President of the Kulczyk Foundation.

The spot was prepared in several versions: 60 seconds, 30 seconds and 4 x 15 seconds. The versions differ in the characters and the scenario. All of them address the issue of menstrual poverty and exclusion. They also focus on the period taboo that makes the life of teenage schoolgirls more difficult.

The spot will not be shown in full everywhere. The menstrual blood turned out to be a problem – because of it you will not see the full film on all TV channels. We also cannot promote this version of the spot on social media. You can watch the uncensored film at yestopads.com.

– Strong taboo on period is one of the barriers that prevent the introduction of new legislation. At the same time, its existence proves that apart from free pads we need education on menstrual health. Changing reality begins with changing the way you think. Let's remember about that in our efforts to provide access to menstrual hygiene products at every Polish school – encourages Magdalena Schejbal, member of the Period Coalition.

The draft law on free pads at every Polish school is being prepared by the Period Coalition, an association of organisations and female experts that are committed to the normalisation of the period issue. At the end of May, the Period Coalition will share the draft law with the representatives of the Sejm and the Senate, hoping for its fast implementation.

Each version of the campaign spot calls for signing a petition to the government. You can support the initiative at yestopads.com. On 8 March, during a press conference at the Polish Parliament, female members of the Parliament representing the Civic Coalition alliance, PSL and the Left alliance showed their support for the Periodic Coalition law.

– Many people associate the words “period” and “menstruation” with embarrassment. However, in our society there are women who challenge these myths and stereotypes. They are members of the Periodic Coalition. We represent different political parties. And we all support this initiative. We will do everything we can to make this law a reality. We are with you – said Marzena Okła-Drewnowicz, member of the Parliament.

Similar legislation and programmes have been already introduced in England, Scotland and France. In the Kantar survey carried out for the Kulczyk Foundation in December 2022, 67% of female Poles admitted that it happened to them that during their period they did not have access to pads or tampons at school. 64% of Poles think that menstrual products at school should be available for free.



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