‘Żółty Talerz (Yellow Plate)’


“‘Żółty Talerz (Yellow Plate)’ is a social investment that will produce a specific social benefit. My brother and I have given PLN 4 million to the program to reach a total of 1 million full-quality meals to children within 12 months. ‘Żółty Talerz’ has four strategic objectives and each one benefits those who we are fighting for,” says Dominika Kulczyk.

These objectives include more meals, better quality and higher intensity meals, and the activation of local communities around the cafeterias. Caritas, Food Banks, the Children's Friends Society, the Polish Red Cross, and SOS Children’s Villages will all utilize their experiences to move in this direction. “The program has certain objectives, but it also has measures to ensure its effectiveness. We want all the money to turn into gains for specific children. We are active in the place where the children sit down to have their meals,” notes Marek Borowski, Kulczyk Foundation’s expert on the ‘Żółty Talerz’ program.


The program initiated by Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk is intended to support additional nourishment for Polish children. “The enormous amount of money and the generosity of many people are what distinguish the system in our country. Non-governmental organizations get involved and find solutions in areas where they are most needed. This makes us all play for the same team,” explains Marek Borowski.

“Żółty Talerz is a union of organizations that is unique on the national scale. If we all care about our children eating regular and healthy meals, every child will receive a full-value dinner! Let’s do it together,” encourages Dominika Kulczyk.


The Periodic Coalition was formed to fight menstrual exclusion. Yes, in Poland.

Today, on March 8, 2021, the largest organisations working to fight menstrual exclusion have joined forces and established the Periodic Coalition. The Periodic Coalition includes Akcja Menstruacja, Szajn Magazine, Fundacja One Day, Fundacja Ja, Nauczyciel, Fundacja Pokonać Endometriozę, Grupa Ponton, Kulczyk Foundation, Moonka, Natalia Miłuńska mesiączka.com, Pani Miesiączka, Polish Red Cross, Różowa Skrzyneczka, and "Pogotowie Społeczne” Association. “Ignoring the topic of menstruation makes our BLOOD BOIL! Let's change it together!" – they wrote in the manifesto they presented at the press conference in Warsaw, announcing the next 12 months as the Year of Menstruation.

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Domino Effect: Free, despite all

The tragedy of immigrant women forced into prostitution in Italy, the suffering of African victims of female genital mutilation, the humiliation and missed op-portunities of girls suffering from period poverty, or the everyday life of wom-en from Bosnia and Herzegovina who still suffer from the trauma of war – these are the most important problems that Dominika Kulczyk addresses in the new, eighth season of the documentary series "The Domino Effect". For the first time, the program is devoted entirely to women and the strength with which they face difficulties resulting from patriarchal culture, traditions, and a difficult economic and political situation. All of the very personal stories of women's strength, courage and their disagreement with exclusion prove that women are "free, despite all."

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Only three weeks left to enter the contest

Don’t risk missing out by waiting to submit your application until the final minutes of 2016, because Kulczyk Foundation Grant Contest concludes at midnight on the last day of the year. “We want to choose the top infrastructure projects. We are extensively analyzing every grant application,” says the Kulczyk Foundation’s Managing Director, Marta Schmude-Olczak. “Right now, we are following the development of investments stemming from the projects we chose in the previous edition.”

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