Comeback to the Domino Effect Workshop: about water


After a long break caused by coronavirus pandemic restrictions we came back to the Domino Effect Workshop. We were hosting the children from the Society of Children’s Friends Olsztyn. As part of the summer holiday classes, they set off on a trip to Warsaw. They started their visit to the capital in our Workshop and took part in the educational-culinary workshops, later, they went to visit the Copernicus Science Centre and walked in the gardens of Warsaw University Library.

The classes in the Domino Effect Workshop were run by Aneta Łańcuchowska who played Miss Wanda – known for the scenarios published by Kulczyk Foundation under the Yellow Plate programme. During the workshops we tackled the topic of human body’s proper hydration. The children learned what functions water has in the human body, as well as what we should drink, and what to avoid. During the classes they could taste flavoured waters – they particularly loved the one with melon flavour, and… apple pie.

After the educational activities, in the Yellow Plate kitchen the children together with Miss Wanda prepared delicious, healthy desserts for summer days – raspberry-apple sorbet with roasted almonds.

The 4th edition of Yellow Plate - the biggest private programme in Poland to support the system of children nutrition and nutritional education – lasts till the end of August. As part of it over 15.000 children received around 1.86 million meals. There are two more educational – culinary workshops ahead of us, and from the 1st September we start the next edition of the programme!


The Kulczyk Foundation Award goes to “Supernova” by Bartosz Kruhlik

The film “Supernova”, directed by Bartosz Kruhlik, received the Kulczyk Foundation Award at the 13th International Festival of Independent Cinema Mastercard Off Camera. The award was granted as part of the Polish Feature Film Competition. Kulczyk Foundation was the Main Partner of the festival.

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Support for women and girls – the 8th Kulczyk Foundation Grant Competition!

Women after breast reconstruction, schoolgirls lacking the access to sanitary products while on period, women and girls with disabilities who cannot use specialized gynecological wards, the victims of violence from Belarus and farmers’ wives – they all benefit from the financial supported granted as part of the 8th Kulczyk Foundation Grant Competition. As many as 11 projects will receive PLN 250,000 in total.

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8th edition of Yellow Plate programme launched!

With the beginning of the new school year, Kulczyk Foundation launched another edition of the Yellow Plate programme - a support programme for the child nutrition system. 350 educational and care facilities from all over Poland applied. Thanks to this, as part of 5th edition of Yellow Plate programme, around 15,000 children will receive almost 2 million healthy and delicious meals!
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