The documentary „For Our Children” awarded again


The AFIN Festival (All-Inclusive Film Industry Network) presents works both by beginning and recognized filmmakers, as well as screenwriters from different countries. The films competing there stand out with the high artistic value and originality, as well as the quality of production and narrative content which provokes to think and supports the exchange of views at the intercultural level.

The awarded film is about the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. It shows the situation in the border Columbian city Cúcuta. Dominika Kulczyk is travelling there to meet the Venezuelans who are forced to flee their own country. Many of them are women. To escape from the danger and the tragic economic situation, they have to cross The Simón Bolívar International Bridge which connects both countries, and is often called “a bridge of desperation”. The film “For Our Children” shows the stories of refugees and the struggle for a better life, dignity and future for their children. Based on the fate of part of them one of the episodes of the documentary series “Domino Effect” was made which you can find here.

– „For Our Children” is a film about woman’s extraordinary strength. My conversations with Venezuelan women, who had to flee their country escaping poverty and dangers, made me realize what great courage and determination they showed. They left their life’s work and were fleeing for dozens, and even hundreds of kilometers. They had to find in themselves endless amount of love and hope – hope for a better life for their children. My film is a tribute to their heroism and the collective portrait of people fighting to survive and for a dignified life – says Dominika Kulczyk, the president of Kulczyk Foundation.

The award for “For Our Children” at AFIN International Film Festival is the third one for this film. Before, it was recognized at the American Golden Picture International Film Festival in Jacksonville (February 2020) and at the 11th Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles (November 2020).


50 bold women

The „Wysokie Obcasy” magazine presented the list of “The 50 Bold of 2020”. There are the women who changed Poland last year. Among them – the president of Kulczyk Foundation, Dominika Kulczyk.

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Kulczyk Foundation helps women all over the world

Since 2013, the Kulczyk Foundation has been providing wise help, fighting with various forms of discrimination and inequality affecting women and girls. The activities of the foundation which I head are based on the use of sustainable solutions. Apart from the financial support we also provide the necessary knowledge by conducting educational activities. Only in this way will one be able to achieve a lasting, positive change and build a reality without gender limitations – writes Dominika Kulczyk, the president of the Kulczyk Foundation.

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7th Final of the One Day Initiative

Another Final of the One Day Initiative has come to an end. On 20 December there was an online premiere of the final gala concert which was held at the Warsaw theatre “Garnizon Sztuki”. It is one and a half hours of extremely positive emotions connected with finishing the 7th edition of the One Day Foundation charity event supported by Kulczyk Foundation. Artists popular with young people took part in the concert as well as everybody following the gig on the Web.

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