Construction of educational infrastructure in Namibia

International projects

SEPO is run by Mosesa Musukubili. The organization takes care of the children from the mentioned above city located in the Zambezi Region. Moses is as well a volunteer who helps people affected by HIV and AIDS. Based on her family’s experience he created many projects realized by SEPO which are addressed at HIV positive people and their closest members of family.

One of the organization’s initiatives run by Moses Musukubili is holding extracurricular classes and unofficial kindergarten. The children from around Katima Mulilo have a secured place to do their homework and study, and the little ones at their pre-school age – space for playing together. Moses runs feeding centers for the youngest from poor families.

Currently, a new building for extracurricular classes is under construction. Thanks to it the children will have better conditions to study and access to teaching aids. Kulczyk Foundation supported the finishing of the building – most of all floors and windows. We also helped with doing electrical work. Our foundation provided aid materials for small pupils – chalk, chairs, swings and toys.

For more information on SEPO and the project realized by them as well as how to financially support the organization - here.


India – The Domino Effect

India. Kolkata. And Dalits, known as the untouchables. This is not a metaphor. In this country, a centuries-old tradition has divided people into castes. Dalits have been at the very bottom of the many–thousand-year-old social hierarchy. They are condemned to the worst professions, which are called “unclean”. It’s hard to imagine how one could escape such stigmatization. And yet! Dominika Kulczyk reaches out to Kolkata in order to support the project aimed at helping the children of prostitutes and Dalits.

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Bangladesh - The Domino Effect

Cox’s Bazar… It used to be the largest touristic center in Bangladesh and the longest beach in the world – over 120 kilometers. Now – the largest refugee camp in the world. 880,000 of refugees have found shelter here so as to avoid genocide. Dominika Kulczyk has reached out to Cox’s Bazar in order to support the field hospital for woman and to show the stories of families escaping death.

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Rwanda - The Domino Effect

Rwanda. Here, people will never forget that there was a time when human life meant as much as one shot or machete strike. It is a country with a background of genocide. A country, in which there still live those who are treated as useless, worse. It is here that Dominika Kulczyk supports deaf children. Some of them, thanks to the hearing aids, will hear their parents’ voice for the very first time!

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