Almost 1,000 women and children at workshops at our "Hi Girls!" Centre

Nearly 1,000 people took part in the workshops organised by the Help Centre for Women from Ukraine called "Hi Girls!". They included Polish language courses, integration, information, and support meetings. Some of the meetings are co-organised with the Ukrainian House.


We financed summer camps for children from Ukraine in Marki near Warsaw

The "Ukrainian Summer in Warsaw", that is summer camps for children from Ukraine, has ended. They were organised by the Educational Center Children of Ukraine Foundation. The Foundation provides education to children who were forced to leave their homeland due to the war. The camps were financed by the "Hi Girls!" Grant Programme.


One million PLN for projects to help Ukraine. The Polish-Ukrainian Sisterhood has settled the "Hi Girls!" Grant Program

The Polish-Ukrainian Sisterhood, which includes, among others: Henryka Bochniarz, Iryna Deszczyca, Ewa Ewart, Agnieszka Holland, Dominika Kulczyk, Olga Tokarczuk and Oksana Zabużko, selected the winning projects under the "Hi Girls!" Grant Program. Almost a million PLN will be allocated to 11 organizations to help women and children from Ukraine. The Sisterhood also announces the launch of the next edition of the Program.


Do you want to help women from Ukraine? Make a donation to the "Hi Girls!" program

We say "Hi!" to all Ukrainian Girls who come to Poland. And we don't end there. We have created a special Support Fund for Women and Girls from Ukraine “Hi Girls!”. Thanks to it, we collect money for long-term help for all the girls and their families, who will be able to find themselves better in Poland thanks to us.