2022 at the Kulczyk Foundation

Projekty w Polsce

We present a summary of Kulczyk Foundation's activities. What did we do last year?

In terms of fighting period poverty and menstruation awareness activities:

As part of the Periodic Coalition, we supported among others: orphanages, single mother homes, hospitals, crisis centres, relocation centres, help centres, educational and educational centres, bathhouses for the homeless, youth community centres. Part of the funds was transferred to Ukraine.

It would not have been possible without our Partners, from whom we received:

  • from Biedronka - almost 2 million pieces of menstrual products
  • from Pelion (owner of brands such as Natura and DOZ S.A. drugstores) - over 6 million tampons and napkins for intimate hygiene
  • from Your KAYA - almost 20,000 pieces of menstrual hygiene products (approx. 1,000 girls from orphanages received support)
  • from ModiBodi - over 3.5 thousand pieces of menstrual underwear (more than 1,800 women received them)

And thanks to the support of the DHL Foundation, we distribute the funds obtained free of charge.

As part of the "Sanitary pads at school for every girl" programme that we run with Rossmann brand:

  • 320 schools from all over Poland received over 3 million sanitary pads during the two editions of the programme
  • we engaged over 600 students in volunteering in their schools
  • we trained over 320 teachers - program coordinators - in the field of menstrual health
  • we developed teaching materials about menstruation, containing scenarios of lessons about menstruation

As part of the Career Cycle programme:

  • We already associate nearly 50 companies in the programme: https://cyklkariery.pl
  • nearly 6,000 women gained access to menstrual pads at the workplace
  • We conducted awareness activities among 10,000 employees
  • We educated about menstrual health in the workplace during various events: e.g. EFNI, Local Trends or Diversity Days

As part of the "Hi Girls!" support campaign for Ukraine:

  • We created a special Support Fund for Women and Girls from Ukraine, where we collected almost PLN 2 million.
  • We established the Polish-Ukrainian Sisterhood, a coalition of women from Poland and Ukraine, which included e.g. Dominika Kulczyk, Iryna Deszczyca, Agnieszka Holland, Janina Ochojska, Oksana Zabużko and Olga Tokarczuk.
  • The money from the Fund supported two editions of the Grant Programme: in the first edition, the Sisterhood selected 11 winning projects for over 1000 beneficiaries, in the second edition we received over 300 applications. The selection of the best proposals is ongoing.
  • We opened the Help Center for Women from Ukraine, where we run a number of free workshops and classes, including Polish language classes, meetings with a psychologist for women and children, art classes. Nearly 1,300 women and children from Ukraine took part in the classes from April to December 2022.
  • We are still collecting money for the Fund, also via Patronite: https://patronite.pl/czescdziewczyny
  • We have collected useful links for those coming to our country: https://czescdziewczyny.pl/pl

In June, we announced great news: Dominika Kulczyk decided to buy Maria Skłodowska-Curie's house near Paris.

– We want to honor the legacy of Maria Skłodowska-Curie. The house of the Polish Nobel Prize winner is the property of all humanity and a natural meeting place for women who cross all known barriers with their activities. I would like this place to be teeming with life again, serving European science and culture - said our President.

The House of Sisterhood will be created in the house of the Nobel Prize winner - a meeting and workplace for exceptional women from all over Europe. Ultimately, the Nobel Prize winner's asylum near Paris is also to become a place where awards will be granted to outstanding women who have followed in the footsteps of the Polish scientist. The Sisterhood House planned in the house of the Nobel Prize winner is an extension of the Polish-Ukrainian Sisterhood, a project that unites women from Poland and Ukraine.

And in November, we had the great pleasure to participate in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of awarding the honorary doctorate to Maria Skłodowska-Curie at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. It was an opportunity to meet the granddaughter of the Nobel Prize winner, prof. Helene Langevin-Joliot.

As part of the Yellow Plate programme, which supports the children's nutrition system:

  • in August, we completed the 6th edition of the Yellow Plate programme, under which 1,000 children from Ukraine joined in
  • since the beginning of the programme (since September 2016), we have served over 9 million meals
  • In September, we started the 7th edition of the programme, in which over 10,000 children from 350 facilities participate
  • as part of educational activities, we have developed another topic of classes for children participating in the program and for coordinators. Educational posters were also delivered to the Yellow Plate outlets

    In 2022, we carried out:
  • 33 stationary classes for children attended by 1,050 children
  • 7 online classes attended by 1,012 children
  • 10 online workshops for coordinators attended by 254 people
  • 2 stationary workshops for coordinators, attended by 30 people

Many thanks to our Partners. In the New Year, we do not stop, we continue!


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