Period Poverty Bill Already in the Sejm

Ensuring availability of menstrual products at schools and universities, and introduction of menstruation education to school curricula are the major consequences of changes to the Polish law advocated by organisations and individuals participating in Periodic Coalition, initiated by Dominika Kulczyk and the Kulczyk Foundation. On Wednesday, 14 June, representatives of the Coalition presented a draft bill aimed at regulating both issues to Members of the Polish Parliament.


Survey: Poles in favour of free sanitary pads in schools

Two-thirds of women admit they have found themselves in a situation where they did not have access to sanitary pads or tampons while in school when they were on their period, a survey commissioned by the Kulczyk Foundation found. Nearly the same percentage of people in Poland support free access to menstrual products in schools.


The first civic draft law on free sanitary pads in Polish schools will be created

The initiative to collect 100,000 signatures on behalf of the Periodic Coalition was announced by Dominika Kulczyk during the Congress of Women. The first Polish draft law on menstruation is to be submitted to the parliament of Poland in the form of a citizens' legislative initiative. The Periodic Coalition also appealed to women's communities for support.


Over 220 schools in the second edition of the "Sanitary pads at school for every girl" programme

The second edition of the "Sanitary pads at school for every girl" programme, implemented by the Kulczyk Foundation and the Rossmann brand, has started. This time, the program will cover over 220 schools from all over Poland. Thanks to us, students will have free access to sanitary pads throughout the school year 2022/2023.